In a dogs body

I really don’t feel like a dog – unless how I feel is how all dogs feel? But I feel more like a human to be honest – my body is all dog (and a good looking one at that) but my old soul really seems to belong to a human.

I heard Colleen tell Mum that one day too. Sure I can’t speak the language that Mum and her friends do but that’s just semantics really?

Last night I was listening to Mum talk to some of her friends about her other business, The Self Esteem Network, that’s how I learn most things – by listening (that and watching TV!). The network is new and they are still all finding their feet with what they want to do with it but there is such excitement in their voices and I love just listening to them – I just hang out in Mum’s study pretending I’m chewing one of my toys but really I’m learning.

I feel like a sponge soaking up things – the words, I just love them, but it’s the energy I feel when my humans are really engaged in doing things they love. Its palpable and joyous.

I really like living here – I chose well!


Right so apparently it’s reiki next!

We are going to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital tomorrow as I need to have a scope on my elbows next but Mum has a friend whose going to do some reiki on me – whatever that is?

So we’re waiting to get into Colleen Mulrooney‘s diary – we’re making it a family ‘thing’ apparently. Even Dad’s in on it – he usually think Mum has some strange ideas, I think he’s just thinking about his million dollar dog!