Sam is a pedigree Golden Retriever whose boundless love, endless energy and the absolute ability to embrace every day and every one with enthusiasm is just too much not to share.

From the moment we went to his breeders – where he was surrounded by a plethora of fellow Goldies, Long-haired Daschunds, Chocolate Labradors and any other number of well loved animals – he was meant to be ours.

Sam lives in our home with his fellow Goldie, Madison (also called the UN as she calmly placates many family tiffs), Harry (the larger than life Jack Russell), Lia (the pint-sized, afraid of nothing, fluff ball), Puumba (our ever-so-good-looking male street cat) and Timonne (Puumba’s ugly sister but what she lacks in looks she makes up for in personality!) and us (the long-suffering, read adoring, human servants to our much loved four-legged children). We currently live in Jozi (Johannesburg, South Africa) and, for the most part, love life and everything in it.

I write on behalf of Sam but he tells me exactly what he wants to say – he’s that clever! We hope you enjoy Sam’s antics as much as we do. Bless his precious heart and all the beloved animal companions we’re so lucky to share our lives with.



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