The end of January

One more day of a month that most people tend to drag but I can honestly say that this has been a fantastic start to the new year for us here. Firstly today we welcomed a new family member – Huffy (nicknamed as such because, when faced with something he’s unsure about – and considering he’s only 20 hours old that’s a lot – he huffs loudly!). Born without fuss or much warning of sorts – this morning we come down and there he is; all wobbly, unsure and brand new. Welcome Huffy – we love you already.

Work has been excellent this month – usually January creeps into the year and we’re all stressed because the same bills have to be paid and not many of Decembers invoices have been! We must be doing something right but I think it’s because we’re nice to people – you get what you give and all that – seems to be working here, long may that last.

I tell you there is something to this 100 happy days thing that we’re participating in it really does help to keep a focus on things that make us happy. Life is stressful isn’t it but when we look for things that make us happy our mind shifts, we lighten, we appreciate what we have and then everything shifts. Where your mind goes your energy flows – I’ve heard that said somewhere it has to be true, we’re a happy bunch here. So here’s to a happy January, a happy day and another 100 happy days!



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