Head first into 2014…

It hardly seems possible that Christmas is over, the decorations are down and – I think – we’re about to go back to work, at least I overheard that the other day.

Mum and Dad have been tentatively edging their toe back into the studio and study respectively; Mum is already rounding up the ‘dreaded designers’ to hit the ground running on Monday – or so she said.

I’ve had a great holiday too – we had swimming, sun bathing, friends over, going to friends, going to the park, eating, drinking (for me just water) and a lot of time relaxing and reading. I know we all spend a lot of time together – I mean considering that we all work from home that is – but there’s been a different energy, a slowing down, breathing space – I can feel it, it feels good.

I think it’s important for us all to take the time – or make the time – instead of rushing around with our tails bashing everything in range before we dash to the next big thing. The ability to stop, listen, take it all in and appreciate what we have – that’s what I’ve learned this holiday. It’s good.

So whilst I am going head first into 2014 …. Image

… I’m also going to take out of Harry’s book this morning – soak up the sun, stop and appreciate the small things in life, find the joy in those moments because, as is said, a joyous life is made up of joyful moments.

Happy 2014 all – may your every bark bring a bone.



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