Perpetually happy Christmas

I see what this season is about actually. Sure the decorations, lights, presents and all the fun are great – who can forgo presents stacked waist high under the tree? But as Mum said the other day Christmas isn’t a season its a feeling and I feel it. Happy Happy Christmas everyone – I hope you all feel as blessed as I do. Image



‘Tis the season to be jolly …

We have decorations up in the house again, Christmas music playing and generally Mum is in a really great mood which made this morning worrying because she just cried big sad tears. I tried jumping on the bed, barking and tugging at her hand to cheer her up – sure she got up and fed us, like every morning – but she’s not the same today. I’m worried which isn’t really like me as you know.

We’ve been very busy work wise – and we got a new client again today (we’re happy about that because it keeps up in dog food and toys!) so perhaps it’s just that Mum is tired? Dad was away last week but he’s back now so it can’t be that. I wish I could just ask her – wouldn’t she be surprised if she heard my voice – actually I think she knows I can talk and write, she’s just keeping my secret with me – good on her.

Mum wrote this the other day “I don’t know what’s important to you and sometimes I forget what’s important to me – then life jolts me and I’m thankful for those jolts. It’s reminds me not to be an idiot. It reminds me that, in my small sphere of influence, I need to wake up the sleeping people, be the change I want to see and any number of other stolen cliches but mostly I need to be present, take the photo, share the joy and be the love that I am so blessed to feel.” (full article here).

We have so much love in this house – I really feel it – but I’m not sure that Mum always does?

Sometimes I think she just takes too much on herself; this has been a very difficult year for us personally – I say us because we’re all in this together – I’m just going to make extra sure Mum knows how much we love and need her. After all we’re not called (wo)mans best friends for nothing!