Waking up the sleeping people …

Morning is my absolute favourite time – slowly and patiently I welcome the day to my sleeping house. A slow bark – sometimes two – then I pick my best toy and take it to Mum and, not too much longer and we’re all up. It’s like Christmas morning, we’re all opening up presents and sending love and the day begins. It’s always happy and it’s always new and I’m always happy.

Mum read this MindBodyGreen article today which echoed exactly what I think every morning – if you can wake up the sleeping people you can change the day. I mean it in that I can wake Mum up, we all get fed and loved and our day starts with her. Mum thinks of it differently (especially at 05h00 in the morning!)

As this article says we live in a dualistic society – we’re either right or wrong / awake or asleep but we do need to be compassionate with the in-between. I’m lucky – I don’t carry the worries and woes that you all do – I just live in the moment (and there’s something to be said for that) but I do feel the burden that you carry.

I don’t have the answers but I’m helping you look. I was lying on the sofa with Dad this evening and my ball fell under this pillow (see photo) that said #Hashtag Just Saying. I’m just saying we need to wake up the sleeping people – every day – what do you think?Image


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