Love and light

It’s been a busy few weeks – Mum’s being rushing around with her hair on fire what with work, riding, entertaining, DIY, more work and of course taking care of all of us.

One of her favourite things to help me and everyone in the family is our Photizo which we got just after my operation. At first I was scared of the bright red light but now I love it when Mum or Dad use it on my elbows. Harry’s had a turn because of his hips (he’s also a million dollar dog apparently after having two crutia ligament operations on his back legs) – even Mum uses it (she gets terrible headaches since she broke her coccyx years ago falling off one of her naughty horses!). Anyhow, if you can get your hands on one of these light therapy pens (we got it from iheal whose service was excellent) you must!

On a sad note one of Mum’s friends lost both their dog and cat recently – well they didn’t lose them but they both went to surf the milky way. Mum read this super article the other day on Tiny Budha which made her cry but she just said to me “In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost.”  ~ Anne Sophie Swetchine – no idea what that means but there you have it.

I hope you’re all as happy as me



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