The three A’s of awesome

I watched this TED talk with Mum this morning, we all watched actually, and it’s just too good not to share.

In this talk Neil Pasticha (author of the blog 1000 awesome things which Mum looks at all the time!) speaks about how he loves hanging out with three year-olds because the are seeing the world for the first time well, I think that dogs are like that too. I wake up every morning by gentle barking at Mum (if that fails I share my most favourite toy of the day) and she smiles at me, every morning. I see everyone every morning and can’t wait to share the day with them – the smells in the garden which change every day with every season, the birds singing their morning songs and the energy that surrounds us.

And in his talk Neil talks about being authentic. Well it doesn’t get more authentic than a dog – that I can promise you!

Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy being awesome!



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