New food – yummy!

At the weekend Mum went to meet some friends for lunch @ Cedar Square and, of course, she went into the pet store there Canine and Co (we got more toys!). Anyhow Mum got talking to Kerry, the very helpful and knowledgeable person at the store, and Kerry told Mum about the Acana and Orijin foods.

What I need in my food is a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin (for my bones) and we’d just started on the Hills JD reduced calorie food (yuck!) but Mum was shown this website where we could compare the different foods. Anyhow, Mum was very excited when she found out that Acana light and fit had so much of those big words in so I think we’re going to be getting that from now on (Mum seemed happy that we could all have the same food apparently we all have something different – all looks the same to me though!)

And of course Mum loves ordering everything online so our food will be coming from the Pet Lovers website.

Harry was exhausted after all that reading so he just decided we’d leave the decisions up to Mum!



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