Elbow scope

So this morning Mum and Dad took me back to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital to see Dr Greg Irvine-Smith who was apparently going to scope my elbows. Personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about, life is just the best but Mum insisted!

It’s such an interesting place, there were so many other people there – with 2 legs and 4 legs – I was so busy outside with Dad while Mum filled in some papers etc. We went into a small room to see Dr Greg who spoke to Mum and Dad for a while, they shut the door which was annoying because there was so much more to see.  Anyhow, after a while Dr Greg took me out of that room and into another.

I really felt quite relaxed, Mum’s friend had done some reiki on me again last night – to prepare me for the place, the scope and what would happen to me so I think I understand it all – I wasn’t scared.

That said I could have stayed in bed this morning, Dad’s chest was so comfortable! I can’t wait to get home tomorrow so I can get on the bed again.



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