Reiki, really

Mum’s friend Colleen Mulrooney came round as planned yesterday – Mum told me her and I were going to have some reiki, I was excited.

Colleen arrived with her own bed  –  it’s much bigger than any of mine! And after a while Mum was lying on it – I was so excited I kept jumping up to see what was going on – Harry, Madi and Lia just fell asleep under the bed, I didn’t understand why I was the only one SO excited.

Not before long it was my turn, Colleen sat on the floor with me but I just couldn’t keep still, she wanted to touch my feet (I hate that, apparently it means I’m not grounded, whatever that means). I could just about bear sitting still for a few minutes but then I just had to go and run around. I always came back though.

I’m not sure what this reiki is supposed to do but after Colleen left and I’d had my supper I felt pretty tired. Mum said she wasn’t surprised because I’d run around for about 3 hours – didn’t feel like that long. Mum was tired too so we all went to bed early which was nice.

Apparently I’m going to have more reiki – I guess that means another 3 hours of running around, I couldn’t be happier! (I did sleep well though)Image



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