My favourite things

This week has been quite tough for me – I’ve been so tired and my legs are itchy and I can’t get comfortable and I’m not allowed to run around and and and. I’ve had more reiki and although I love the attention I don’t like my feet being touched – not that Colleen really touches them but you know what I mean.

Mum has been sponging my legs with rescue remedy – she says it will bring the swelling down – I like drinking the water more! But what I did want to say more than anything else is that my favourite things are here at home – this morning I was sleeping next to Mum’s desk and Harry came to sleep next to me, that made me the happiest I’ve been all day.

I wish you all the same kind of happiness.



Home sweet home

And just like that I’m back with everyone and so happy. I look ridiculous with my shaved legs, it looks like I’m wearing ugg boots as my Aunty Bee-Bee said! But I got three new toys today so I’ve over the legs already.

Mum’s being super strict and I’m not allowed outside much – I’ll let it ride this evening because I’m tired but I’m going to up the anti tomorrow, has she seen how gorgeous the Spring weather is here in Jozi?

Night night, I’m so happy to be home.


Elbow scope

So this morning Mum and Dad took me back to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital to see Dr Greg Irvine-Smith who was apparently going to scope my elbows. Personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about, life is just the best but Mum insisted!

It’s such an interesting place, there were so many other people there – with 2 legs and 4 legs – I was so busy outside with Dad while Mum filled in some papers etc. We went into a small room to see Dr Greg who spoke to Mum and Dad for a while, they shut the door which was annoying because there was so much more to see.  Anyhow, after a while Dr Greg took me out of that room and into another.

I really felt quite relaxed, Mum’s friend had done some reiki on me again last night – to prepare me for the place, the scope and what would happen to me so I think I understand it all – I wasn’t scared.

That said I could have stayed in bed this morning, Dad’s chest was so comfortable! I can’t wait to get home tomorrow so I can get on the bed again.


Magic Madi

Mum’s first Goldie (well in her grown up life, her first one ever was when she was little and lived in the UK) is my true love if I’m honest – Madison will be 9 soon (isn’t that how many lives cats are supposed to have? Lucky things!).

Anyhow Mum and her fell asleep on the sofa last night and I just had to show you how lovely she is …. don’t you love her now as much as I do?


Reiki, really

Mum’s friend Colleen Mulrooney came round as planned yesterday – Mum told me her and I were going to have some reiki, I was excited.

Colleen arrived with her own bed  –  it’s much bigger than any of mine! And after a while Mum was lying on it – I was so excited I kept jumping up to see what was going on – Harry, Madi and Lia just fell asleep under the bed, I didn’t understand why I was the only one SO excited.

Not before long it was my turn, Colleen sat on the floor with me but I just couldn’t keep still, she wanted to touch my feet (I hate that, apparently it means I’m not grounded, whatever that means). I could just about bear sitting still for a few minutes but then I just had to go and run around. I always came back though.

I’m not sure what this reiki is supposed to do but after Colleen left and I’d had my supper I felt pretty tired. Mum said she wasn’t surprised because I’d run around for about 3 hours – didn’t feel like that long. Mum was tired too so we all went to bed early which was nice.

Apparently I’m going to have more reiki – I guess that means another 3 hours of running around, I couldn’t be happier! (I did sleep well though)Image


Who knew..

that cats and dogs could be SUCH great actors (that’s the word I was looking for apparently). Last night Mum was flicking through the channels and came across this movie which instantly caught my attention – ‘Cats and Dogs’ (on channel 104) and I loved it.

Clearly I was the only one watching because there seem to be a lot of photos of me! Anyhow – I can highly recommend putting your paws up and getting comfortable – it was very entertaining!




Mum and me

I worry about Mum sometimes – well actually just today. She’s usually up at the crack of dawn with me – happy, playing, getting us all fed and ready for the day – but today she’s just not.

I jumped onto the bed this morning and just put my head on her chest, of course she took a picture of me (that’s a good sign) and we just spent some time.

The reason I’m telling you this is because that seemed to work – Mum got up and things seemed ‘better’ so other four-legged friends out there I think it might be true – we really are their best friends.

Kiss them – often – it helped my Mum today!


Right so apparently it’s reiki next!

We are going to Bryanston Veterinary Hospital tomorrow as I need to have a scope on my elbows next but Mum has a friend whose going to do some reiki on me – whatever that is?

So we’re waiting to get into Colleen Mulrooney‘s diary – we’re making it a family ‘thing’ apparently. Even Dad’s in on it – he usually think Mum has some strange ideas, I think he’s just thinking about his million dollar dog!