Did they really need to?

They are re-doing the bathroom and I’m not impressed! There must be 100 people in my house – it’s noisey ALL the time, Mum’s got laryngitus and is in a terrible mood and it seems to be my fault …. I think someone changed my name to ‘No, get down’ without consulting me?

I mean what was wrong with the room in the first place? It was ideal to get into and out of the big water bowl – perfectly positioned for me to get to that white paper stuff and pull it down the passage way even out into the garden if something else didn’t get my attention first.

To top it all off there’s dust everywhere apparently – whatever dust is – Mum’s not happy which makes it pretty difficult for all us to be either, frankly. That’s what I’m noticing more and more with humans – they do things that make them unhappy in the short term to be happy in the long term. To my mind its just better to be happy all the time – what’s the point in having a shiny new bathroom if there’s so much angst in the process – I’ll have to ponder on that one?


Monday … maybe not?

Monday ... maybe not?

I think I’ll just keep one foot here, just in case the day doesn’t go quite according to plan, anyhow this bed is the most comfortable one in the house!