Blissful Botswana

Mum and Dad have gone – I’m home alone (well not really everyone’s here including Coze whose looking after us) but I still feel alone.

Mum says they’ve gone to Chitabe (she wrote a review apparently)



To celebrate their return though I chewed:

  • Coze’s boots
  • Coze’s crocs (well those, who can blame me)
  • A large cushion that Harry loves to sleep on
  • Part of the sitting room carpet
  • All my toys – well I needed some company!

I was extra happy when they got home!


Swimming not running

Mum was right, it’s not growing pains. I can’t run around much which is a nightmare but Mum lets me swim all the time – she’s thinks I’m mad because it’s cold, I have no idea what she’s talking about.

I have to go for more tests – a lot more – Dad says I’m the million dollar dog – does that mean more food / treats?

We’re waiting for Prof Kirberger’s feedback and then we’re taking the next step – or lap?!


I’m still happy though

Poor me

So our visit to the vet yesterday was not what Mum was expecting, she cried a little on the way home which I didn’t like at all.

The nice vet (Dr Garry Eckersley) explained that I have grade 2 elbow displaysia and has put me on Multi-com joint supplement, stem-tech and glucon M premium formula. He made me lie on the table and he took pictures of me – I didn’t mind one bit, Mum kept kissing me so who could blame me!

We’re going to send my pictures off to Prof Kirberger as he’s supposed to be a genius with all of this. Seems like a lot of trouble for a small limp but perhaps it’s not?!

I was pretty tired when I got home – Mum said it was the excitement of a new place – I just went to sleep happy!Image

An annoying limp

Mum’s worried about me – I’ve been tearing around the place and have developed a limp. We’re off to the vet today – whatever that means – who cares really, it’s a car ride.

Dad thinks it’s growing pains – Mum said he’s the pain! Who really cares right, it’s car ride after all? And Madi’s coming, what fun it will be..

I’ll report back – if I remember!