Strangers in the sky

Dad sky-dives – that’s what I’m told. Mum calls it madness but she’s not always right. Mads and I went with Mum today¬† – to watch Dad and the madness, whilst I was there I had to agree with Mum – madness I tell you.

Mads was very relaxed so I tried to be but the strange noises from above was very scary. We all sat together waiting for Dad to jump – I felt happy to be with Mum and Dad but this wasn’t my happiest moment.

IMG_5462 IMG_5463

It got easier as time went on, loads of people spoke to us and, after all, Mum and Dad were there! Dad was super brave in jumping out of a plane again – whatever that means.

IMG_5477 IMG_5481

Mum was happy when he landed – so, so was I.


IMG_5522 IMG_5528

I slept well that night (all the way home too!)