A new home

I called it, didn’t I. They came back – the photo happy girl and her tussling boyfriend. All my brothers and sisters were gone so it’s been quiet around here – I was happy to see them but I think I feel happy all the time.

They brought me toys – although I prefer the twigs here, I’ve taken some with me!

After what seemed like an endless car ride – during which I shared my breakfast with the seat – I got to a place with long grass and new friends to play with. I feel happy – but I feel like this all the time!

IMG_4050 IMG_4053 IMG_4064 IMG_4065


I think I’ve picked them ..

I met this couple today – the guy spent a lot of time tussling with me whilst his girlfriend took lots of pictures – they smiled a lot, I liked that.

After a while I got a collar put on me and they took more pictures – the girl kissed me a lot which was nice, for a bit, then just unnecessary – but I liked having my picture taken.

I felt very happy after meeting them – but I’m happy all the time!