Love languages

Its the love month apparently – which seems odd to me because aren’t all months full of love? Nonetheless tomorrow is Valetines day which seems to be an excuse to double the price of flowers that grow in our garden and I pull off and eat for free – another human ‘thing’ I don’t understand!

Anyhow, I digress, we watched this awesome ad today – in fact we watched it twice it was that good. Everything about it spoke of what really comprises love – the small things about the people we spend our time with, the quirks and twitches that we know, that others don’t. The idosyncronies of a person that sometimes get under our skin but mostly remain endearing enough to continue work to build a future together.

Anyhow – enough of my thoughts – watch the ad for yourself! Oh and happy Valentines day, every day.



The end of January

One more day of a month that most people tend to drag but I can honestly say that this has been a fantastic start to the new year for us here. Firstly today we welcomed a new family member – Huffy (nicknamed as such because, when faced with something he’s unsure about – and considering he’s only 20 hours old that’s a lot – he huffs loudly!). Born without fuss or much warning of sorts – this morning we come down and there he is; all wobbly, unsure and brand new. Welcome Huffy – we love you already.

Work has been excellent this month – usually January creeps into the year and we’re all stressed because the same bills have to be paid and not many of Decembers invoices have been! We must be doing something right but I think it’s because we’re nice to people – you get what you give and all that – seems to be working here, long may that last.

I tell you there is something to this 100 happy days thing that we’re participating in it really does help to keep a focus on things that make us happy. Life is stressful isn’t it but when we look for things that make us happy our mind shifts, we lighten, we appreciate what we have and then everything shifts. Where your mind goes your energy flows – I’ve heard that said somewhere it has to be true, we’re a happy bunch here. So here’s to a happy January, a happy day and another 100 happy days!


100 happy days

Well this is going to be an easy – more or less – challenge for me but one I think is just a great idea and can’t help but hope spreads far and wide. The challenge is ‘Can you be happy for 100 consecutive days in a row?’ Well sure we can, but can we?

Their website continues to go on and say “We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being (or dog for that matter – I added that part!).

Anyhow getting to the point, we’re up for the challenge and we started today by sharing one of the coolest stable cats around – Kulula – who rules Eva (her equally gorgeous tri-coloured stable companion) and all 8 of the horses with a rod of iron whilst doing not much more than sleeping, eating and generally being happy!

As #100happydays challenges us we to do we will be sharing photos of anything and everything that makes us happy every day for 100 days, this was our first effort, we’re happy with it!


We would love to share your happiness, keen to join us in the challenge?

Getting inspired

I count myself lucky, exceptionally, wildly and unbelievably lucky. Every day without exception I wake up happy – I just can’t wait to start a new day and it’s always a brand new day isn’t it. I mean just about everything you did yesterday is over – left behind – and today is a brand new white sheet to get big muddy paw prints all over!

Now, that said, I realise that I’m one of the lucky ones – there’s that word again – I do understand that not everyone wakes up feeling like I do and I’m sad about that. As a dog I’m inherently blessed to ‘not sweat the small’ stuff and ultimately live a very mindful life (you could try that too).

Anyhow we came across this article that was just bursting with ideas on how to get inspired which can only lead to happiness and that can lead to who knows where! Some of their suggestions included:

  1. Create a vision board
  2. Watch 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes
  3. Take a camera outside and photo anything you find beautiful
  4. Meditate or practice yoga in your garden or nearby park
  5. Watch your dog play (this is my favourite one) or watch the complete mindfulness of your cat
  6. Write in a journal or create a picture journal

There were many many ideas, here’s the full article, but the point is there is always something we can do to improve our situation, make someone else smile and ultimately move towards happiness. I mean just take a look at my brother hanging out here … now doesn’t that make you smile? Look out for happiness, hang on to it, let me know how it goes?Image 



Head first into 2014…

It hardly seems possible that Christmas is over, the decorations are down and – I think – we’re about to go back to work, at least I overheard that the other day.

Mum and Dad have been tentatively edging their toe back into the studio and study respectively; Mum is already rounding up the ‘dreaded designers’ to hit the ground running on Monday – or so she said.

I’ve had a great holiday too – we had swimming, sun bathing, friends over, going to friends, going to the park, eating, drinking (for me just water) and a lot of time relaxing and reading. I know we all spend a lot of time together – I mean considering that we all work from home that is – but there’s been a different energy, a slowing down, breathing space – I can feel it, it feels good.

I think it’s important for us all to take the time – or make the time – instead of rushing around with our tails bashing everything in range before we dash to the next big thing. The ability to stop, listen, take it all in and appreciate what we have – that’s what I’ve learned this holiday. It’s good.

So whilst I am going head first into 2014 …. Image

… I’m also going to take out of Harry’s book this morning – soak up the sun, stop and appreciate the small things in life, find the joy in those moments because, as is said, a joyous life is made up of joyful moments.

Happy 2014 all – may your every bark bring a bone.


Perpetually happy Christmas

I see what this season is about actually. Sure the decorations, lights, presents and all the fun are great – who can forgo presents stacked waist high under the tree? But as Mum said the other day Christmas isn’t a season its a feeling and I feel it. Happy Happy Christmas everyone – I hope you all feel as blessed as I do. Image


‘Tis the season to be jolly …

We have decorations up in the house again, Christmas music playing and generally Mum is in a really great mood which made this morning worrying because she just cried big sad tears. I tried jumping on the bed, barking and tugging at her hand to cheer her up – sure she got up and fed us, like every morning – but she’s not the same today. I’m worried which isn’t really like me as you know.

We’ve been very busy work wise – and we got a new client again today (we’re happy about that because it keeps up in dog food and toys!) so perhaps it’s just that Mum is tired? Dad was away last week but he’s back now so it can’t be that. I wish I could just ask her – wouldn’t she be surprised if she heard my voice – actually I think she knows I can talk and write, she’s just keeping my secret with me – good on her.

Mum wrote this the other day “I don’t know what’s important to you and sometimes I forget what’s important to me – then life jolts me and I’m thankful for those jolts. It’s reminds me not to be an idiot. It reminds me that, in my small sphere of influence, I need to wake up the sleeping people, be the change I want to see and any number of other stolen cliches but mostly I need to be present, take the photo, share the joy and be the love that I am so blessed to feel.” (full article here).

We have so much love in this house – I really feel it – but I’m not sure that Mum always does?

Sometimes I think she just takes too much on herself; this has been a very difficult year for us personally – I say us because we’re all in this together – I’m just going to make extra sure Mum knows how much we love and need her. After all we’re not called (wo)mans best friends for nothing!

In a dogs body

I really don’t feel like a dog – unless how I feel is how all dogs feel? But I feel more like a human to be honest – my body is all dog (and a good looking one at that) but my old soul really seems to belong to a human.

I heard Colleen tell Mum that one day too. Sure I can’t speak the language that Mum and her friends do but that’s just semantics really?

Last night I was listening to Mum talk to some of her friends about her other business, The Self Esteem Network, that’s how I learn most things – by listening (that and watching TV!). The network is new and they are still all finding their feet with what they want to do with it but there is such excitement in their voices and I love just listening to them – I just hang out in Mum’s study pretending I’m chewing one of my toys but really I’m learning.

I feel like a sponge soaking up things – the words, I just love them, but it’s the energy I feel when my humans are really engaged in doing things they love. Its palpable and joyous.

I really like living here – I chose well!

Walking each other home

This is ‘Sam’s Dad here – I’ve only recently realised that Sam has been burning the midnight oil keeping this blog stocked with stories about him … the ultimate happy dog he is!

Anyhow Sam’s Mom wrote this the other day, I really thought it was so good that I wanted to share it with you, loyal followers of Sam said – pretty smart this woman – glad we get to keep her!

Click here and read her wise words…

Waking up the sleeping people …

Morning is my absolute favourite time – slowly and patiently I welcome the day to my sleeping house. A slow bark – sometimes two – then I pick my best toy and take it to Mum and, not too much longer and we’re all up. It’s like Christmas morning, we’re all opening up presents and sending love and the day begins. It’s always happy and it’s always new and I’m always happy.

Mum read this MindBodyGreen article today which echoed exactly what I think every morning – if you can wake up the sleeping people you can change the day. I mean it in that I can wake Mum up, we all get fed and loved and our day starts with her. Mum thinks of it differently (especially at 05h00 in the morning!)

As this article says we live in a dualistic society – we’re either right or wrong / awake or asleep but we do need to be compassionate with the in-between. I’m lucky – I don’t carry the worries and woes that you all do – I just live in the moment (and there’s something to be said for that) but I do feel the burden that you carry.

I don’t have the answers but I’m helping you look. I was lying on the sofa with Dad this evening and my ball fell under this pillow (see photo) that said #Hashtag Just Saying. I’m just saying we need to wake up the sleeping people – every day – what do you think?Image